Making flowers from wood

•veebruar 16, 2009 • Lisa kommentaar

Making flowers from wood

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In the beginning we had trees. These were cut.
For the sake of making artificial blossoms of trees.
Could the artifact flower open the petals, and have fruit for new artifact trees and flowers or is it ending the circle for new trees again?
Or is it memorizing the trees?

I blogged it because it is always on my way to work with its bitter beauty.


It seems you have a counter-argument?

•veebruar 14, 2009 • Lisa kommentaar


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It seems you have a counterargument that birds and trees will stay.
Some twilight days when thousands jackjaws hang on poplar branches i believe it.

I blogged it because it is a counter-argument to my invasion of virtual trees and birds.

Three materials: spirit stone and wood

•veebruar 14, 2009 • Lisa kommentaar

Only for the special occasion – something solid today
a heart that can’t be wiped away.

The trees finally take action

•veebruar 11, 2009 • Lisa kommentaar

The trees finally take action

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This is actually something what happened before the invasion of virtual birds.

Invasion of virtual birds

•veebruar 11, 2009 • 1 kommentaar

Locative virtual artifacts

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I realize that the time when all the real world is disappearing is coming closer. And we start replacing the embodied memory of natural creatures, trees, as virtual artifacts into the places to remember.

The picture i took because it felt the same as on the image of trees on the wall where the nature itself with shadows invaded on the unfamiliar material world – on the houses.

Light messages on hard materials

•veebruar 9, 2009 • Lisa kommentaar


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First i was looking for shadows, but then i noticed the shadows of light.

It reminds me my strongest impression from childhood that balloon shadows can have colors.

Sun signals on the wall

•veebruar 9, 2009 • Lisa kommentaar


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It is actually true that as soon as you open eyes and sharpen your senses suddenly a lot of signals appear.

There were some narratives of light some days ago and when i saw today my shadow i started to play with the ideas what were triggered from shadowmen in airport that Anatole had. For some time i played with my own shadow on the wall, then some people passed and i caught them too. Then i continued walking and i noticed the tree-art on the wall. This triggered another thought of the previous narrative i was shortly continuing about recycling imaginary narratives in locations. Then next i noticed the reflections of the tree narratives on ice, and i thought of meta-photography talked by places themselves. On the opposite side of the street i saw that not only there are dark shadows, but there are light shadows too! And some of them are very much like pictograms from anther civilization.