Sun signals on the wall


Originally uploaded by kpata

It is actually true that as soon as you open eyes and sharpen your senses suddenly a lot of signals appear.

There were some narratives of light some days ago and when i saw today my shadow i started to play with the ideas what were triggered from shadowmen in airport that Anatole had. For some time i played with my own shadow on the wall, then some people passed and i caught them too. Then i continued walking and i noticed the tree-art on the wall. This triggered another thought of the previous narrative i was shortly continuing about recycling imaginary narratives in locations. Then next i noticed the reflections of the tree narratives on ice, and i thought of meta-photography talked by places themselves. On the opposite side of the street i saw that not only there are dark shadows, but there are light shadows too! And some of them are very much like pictograms from anther civilization.


~ kirjutas kaipata &emdash; veebruar 9, 2009.

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