narrating the places

the story of snow

Originally uploaded by Lauri Laineste

Some recent pictures have focused my attention on hybridizing the environment with sustainable technologies.

Here is a great example of snow-narrative which can be wiped away or will melt away.

Another thought …if the car moves to another location how does this influence the place? However it is not very likely the driver will NOT wipe his front window clean…


~ kirjutas kaipata &emdash; veebruar 8, 2009.

5 kommentaari to “narrating the places”

  1. I saw it wiped away and it was painful. A narrative with a very short life- I was present at its creation and ending.

  2. Oh no. I shouldn’t have read this. I’m sad to hear that it’s gone 😦

  3. But the good thing is that we have now embodied this emotion and this is always related with all the cars covered with fresh snow. And joy and sadness is part of this embodied knowledge.

  4. some stories are meant to be short. they disappear and then come again. new snow will create new narratives.


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