Le narrazioni come storie geolocalizzate negli ecosistemi ibridi

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My translated paper

Le narrazioni come storie geolocalizzate negli ecosistemi ibridi

This article demonstrates how ecological principles may be used for un- derstanding the spatiality of narratives in hybrid narrative ecosystems. The case of C.R. Zafón’s book The Shadow of the Wind is used for illustration, with the focus of produser-created contents associated with the book. It is discussed how producers create narrative extensions that they use for personal placement in the narrative ecosystem to interact and feel part of it.

has appeared in the Italian book Media Mutations.




I loved the #narrativeecology course!

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This post is to test out something with the #narrativeecology tag.
I also want to say how much i loved the course and how much i learned more about hybrid ecology of narratives.
I will write my in-depth reflection into the ecologyofnarratives.wordpress blog.


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After all the humans are like cats.

This photo is a perfect continuation to the picture of cats for expressing my emotions of the last night.

Emotions on the walls

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Town Hall

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When i did this picture i thought that this is another way of artifacting living creatures in the city room if they are absent.
But when i uploaded it, the situation changed. I was angry in the pub because there was some argument and uploading this picture was my way of putting this emotion out of me what i wished to say in bar to bad guys.


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How many times a narrative gets repeated in time

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UFO crash site 😉

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This post has similar comment: UFO crash site 🙂

There are other similar embodiments:

I blogged this because i did some earlier images to express my idea of embodied expectations to certain artifacts.

Can smells be tagged locatively?

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tagging locative scents and smells

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I was sensing on my way to the bus – first there was a bitter smell of turf burning, next there were some SO2 smells (not to say rotten eggs), and in the end there was a smell of internet.

Interestingly here i come back to my other experience from the book of “Various flavours of coffee” – can smells be tangled with meanings and places so that the things what we cannot tag yet (scents, emotions) can be tagged through other things with which they are entangled?